Wednesday, March 11, 2009

my little beach bum

I think Carson has really taken to beach living... Here are just a few pics of him lately =-)

Our daily stroll to the beach... he loves pulling the wagon "by self"....he sure loves that expression!

I learned very quickly that I can't walk down to the beach without a bathing suit.... Carson doesn't care what he's in, he just runs right in the water!

Rod's long board has also become my toddler's favorite activity.... He's actually really good, and has amazing balance!! It's so dang cute to see him on it!

What is life without ice cream? I'm so glad Carson loves it just as much as I do!! For once in my life I really don't care how messy he gets with it... It just makes me giggle!! =-)

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Our latest houseguests...

So we absolutely love our beach house, and adore living here. HOWEVER, there have been a few minor, okay, to me they have been major "bumps" in our stay so far. Everyday for the past few weeks we had seen a raccoon, walking along our deck, jumping from our roof, and around the yard. It worried me because I've always thought they were vicious, and attack quite easily... since Carson and I are ALWAYS outside... I was a little stressed about it. Anyway, we were laying in bed one night and all of a sudden I hear LOTS of noise up in our attic. I wake Rod up and tell him to listen....I'm super freaked out and start to panic. "Can it get in, is it going to eat Carson, it's going to get us!" I'm a little paranoid to say the least. The thing was running around and scratching so loud, that I slept in our spare room. So next morning I'm on the phone with my landlord... she tells me she'll call an animal control company and have them out ASAP. So they show up later that day and just guess what they're called? "CRITTER GITTERS".... no joke! It is so hillbilly out here sometimes! Not to mention, the guys truck is painted like an alligator! HA HA... He sets 3 traps and says he'll be by in the morning to pick up the raccoon.... well the damn thing outsmarted the traps every day! It managed to get the food out, and set off the trap without getting caught! This lasted for 6 days.... and for 6 nights I heard it running around in our attic, above our master bedroom... so guess where Lindsay slept? HA HA... So finally our lovely critter gets trapped.... YEAH!! I'm so stoked. The guy comes the next morning, seals off all the entrance points to the attic where it would've gotten in and he leaves. I'm so happy. I get into bed that night just beaming that I can have a good night sleep!!! Well, that ended all too quickly when at 3 am I start hearing this awful crying and scratching... Of course I wake up Rod and his response is, "What do you want me to do about it?" ... so back to the spare room I go..... So our little house guest made a nest up there and had some babies!! AH!! I call the animal guy in the morning and he comes back. This time he brings his,"little lady" as he refers to her, and he is ready to go up in the attic and get them. Of course the attic above our room can only be accessed through my side of the closet... so I have to take all my clothes out so the guy won't get them dirty. He goes up and looks for them, of course the babies are in a spot in the attic that he can't reach.... ARE YOU FREAKING KIDDING ME!!??!! So he tells me that he will have to cut a hole in our ceiling in order to get them out! Yep, a hole. So he gets his ladder, cuts a sweet hole in our ceiling and starts reaching his paws up there to find them.... (keep in mind this guy has NO GLOVES ON!!---- must be a hick thing....) He pulls the first baby out... it's so tiny and he hands it to his "little lady"... she puts it in her sweatshirt pocket! I'm dying. Where's the kennel, or box, or something? Your POCKET? Wow.... the next one he pulls out poops down his arm and as he hands it to her, it poops all over her sweatshirt! At this point I'm ready to have a heart attack.... for those of you who know me well, I'm quite obsessed with germs and being clean... raccoon poop=nasty=a very disturbed Lindsay! Anyway, she tells me that she has to wash it off and goes into my bathroom, where I brush my teeth and wash my face! She puts the raccoons in my SINK to get herself cleaned off!! I thought at this point I might pass out. I kept asking her, " Do you want soap? Disinfectant? BLEACH? The things are in my sink and she's just wiping the poop off with a tissue! YUCK!!! Doesn't even wash her hands! Anyways... I'll make my very long story, short. He gets two more "coons" out, I give them a towel and box to put them in, and our "critter" problem is finally solved! Come to find out these people actually raise raccoons and have a few for pets.... that really does explain so much! (grin).... Needless to say my nights are very quite now, and that's just how I like it!

*** side note--- I've disinfected my bathroom and bedroom several times now... It still somehow feels kinda dirty!***

*****Oh and Mckel, Andrea? Why didn't this happen to you guys? And Katie, ha ha... at least you won't have to worry about it this summer!! =-)

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Happy New Year...New Home.... and then some!

I can't possibly update everything that has taken place over the last month.... but I will say this... Happy New Year!! I'll try to catch you all up with some pics!
For starters, my sister-in-law, Janet and I ran in the Walt Disney World Marathon last weekend in Orlando! HOLY S***!! It was harder than childbirth!! I'm not kidding!! What an exhilarating and exhausting experience! I pushed my body to its absolute limit! I hit such a wall at mile 18... I really didn't think I could keep going for 8.2 more miles... but somehow I made it! And honestly couldn't be happier... I have always wanted to do a marathon, and what an amazing place to do it in!! Shoot, we ran through Cinderella's castle... incredible! I'm proud of us! San Diego here we come, we are so running another marathon at the end of May! I'm hooked!
Oh and I forgot to mention that we wore spandex... yep... we actually wore them!! Ha ha, I felt a little on the naked side, at least nobody knew us!!

Because I have been so bad at blogging the past few months, I'll just post from Halloween on... I know, lame! My little Carson was a Vampire for Halloween...(yeah, I'm a little obsessed with Twilight too!, I just thought he would make a cute mini Edward!) So my mother-in-law made him his little outfit and I must say he looked dashing =-) I even slicked his hair back, ha ha, by the end of the night it was sticking straight up!

Next came Christmas and my mom bought him a little Santa outfit, "Carson Claus" was precious! However, his hat didn't quite fit... this childs' head is off the charts.... literally! His height and weight are in the 90th and 95th percentiles respectively... his head... not so much, it's way off the charts!! Maybe that's why he talks so much and is so smart! Anyway, the hat didn't fit, we cut it and tried to make it work, I think it stayed on his head for 3 mins! He loved Christmas, it was nice to be home and share it with both of our families. The best part of the holiday for Carson was "The Polar Express"... he watched it everyday. He is such a boy because trains are his new obsession. It is so cute how much he loves Thomas and his little trains!

I know there is so much more to tell and show... I don't want to overwhelm anyone though!! I do have a little more time on my hands now that I am not working until March!! Oh yeah, and we moved back to Florida, and are living in a beach house. We have plenty of room, so if anyone wants a vay-cay.... come on out!! I'll have to take some pics of the beach and post them... WE LOVE LIVING HERE!!