Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Carson's girlfriend!

Last week we went over to our friend Tabitha's beach house to layout and let our babies play. Her daughter Paige is 7 weeks younger than Carson and she is precious. They are so adorable together. I've never seen two babies interact the way they do!! Even at church this past Sunday, they were playing games together and chasing each other around the bench. They laugh at each other, it seriously is the cutest thing! It's his first girlfriend =-)
We were trying to get Carson to pose against the rock, he wouldn't for anything look at the camera!
Look at that water! Can it be any prettier? I seriously love Florida beaches!!!

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The big two seven...


Carson loves to be on Rod's shoulders!

Happy Birthday to me!! Holy cow I'm 27!! How is that even possible? I swear I was just 17 graduating high school... college... now I'm married and have a kid?!? Where the heck does all the time go? I really enjoyed my birthday. Rod was way stressed out because he had two tests that day and he really wanted to make my day special. He did once he got home at 5!! My friend Elizabeth took me out for lunch at my favorite place to eat in St. Augustine, Flavors. It's so delicious =-) Then for dinner we headed up to Jacksonville to dine at The Cheesecake Factory!! Our good friends from Alabama, Beau and Elizabeth and their son Buddy came with us. We had so much fun. Buddy and Carson are best friends and only 12 weeks apart! Dinner was great, however, my only complaint was my birthday dessert! They came over with a piece of cheesecake, sang and I blew out the candle, we all took a few bites from it and then the waiter charged us for it!! HA!! Who does that, seriously? I thought birthday desserts were supposed to be for free!?! Oh well. I got a new camera from Rod and I love it. I desperately needed one because my other camera kept dying on me. It's so little and a cute plum color!! It's amazing how much camera's have changed in the last couple of years... they are so much better! After dinner we came home and two of Rod's classmates Angie and Aileen came over and surprised me with a cake!! It was so thoughtful!! Rod was able to get out of baking me a cake( I was offended at first that he didn't, but he knew they were making me one!)It really was such an enjoyable day!!

Me and my hubby

Beau, Elizabeth, and Buddy

Best Buds

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Sea World

So last weekend we went with our friends Katie and Gary and their two darling boys, Broox and Cooper to Orlando. It was a last minute, random trip that turned out to be so much fun!! We seriously love this family, and their boys are too cute for words! Carson just loved playing with them. He thinks he is so much older and bigger than he really is!! It's pretty funny. We went to Sea World on Friday and Saturday, and despite the extreme humidity, it was really quite fun! Carson loved the dolphins, whales, turtles and fish!! When we went through the shark tank, he would repeat after Rod, "sarks! sarks!" it was precious! He was such a trooper. He went all day, both days, without a single nap!! I really is so nice to only be an hour and a half from Orlando!! We need to get all the "Florida stuff" in before we move back to Arizona! ......Side note: Katie has a bunch of problems with her foot and walking around a theme park really wasn't her cup of tea, so she rented a "JAZZY" (the motorized wheel chair)!! ha ha... Rod and I were dying.... it was quite hilarious!! Katie, I love you, it made the trip that much more memorable!!

Beach Bums.... and sandy snacks...

Living in Florida has definitely has its perks, especially when you live just a couple of miles from the beach. The beach in St. Augustine is so beautiful... the sand is soft and white, the water is blue and green in some spots, and it's always so clean. We've even seen dolphins a few times, not too far from shore. We go to the beach every chance we get. Carson absolutely loves it!! He is fearless. The other day he was lurching his whole body forward into the waves. It was throwing me off balance so much I thought we'd both fall in!! He'd just assume take off and swim with the dolphins if he could! My only complaint is Carson's choice for a snack... SAND!! AHH, the kid loves it! I'm so anal about this because although the beach is way clean, there is no way the sand is okay to ingest!! It totally grosses me out. And the worst part is it comes out in his diaper for days!! I literally found small shells in his poop!!! I almost took a picture, but decided the imagination is much better!!

Wednesday, June 11, 2008



So I'm lame... what more can I say? I create a blog and don't do anything to it for 4 months!! I'm honestly the worst procrastinator sometimes! SO MUCH has happened in the past few months I don't even know where to begin, so I won't even bother.... HA HA I'll just make a better effort to keep up!