Friday, October 24, 2008

Loving Prescott

Last weekend we went to a wedding up in Prescott for Rod's cousin Tasha. The place where she had the reception was so beautiful. Between the sunset, mountains, lake, and crisp air, and log cabin, it was the perfect setting for an awesome reception. We figured why not try to get some family pictures in.... yeah right. Carson would not, could not, cooperate if his life depended on it!! There was a million little kids running around and all he wanted was "down, runnin"!! We couldn't keep up with him. He just thinks he is a big kid now and just wants to play with all of them!! As you can see below he was being impossible!!

Finally we have him still, but of course he won't smile!! So much for a Christmas Card picture!! I guess we'll have to make another attempt for that some other time!!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Ahh... to be 13 again....

Honestly, you couldn't pay me enough to go back to Junior High and be a seventh grader. It's bad enough I have to teach them, but holy cow, I could never go back!! I am just astonished at how awkward it is to be 12/13 years old!! I come home with funny stories every day, but this one definitely makes me giggle! The other day I get to school and as my first hour comes in I was blown away by one of my students. I'm going to just call her "Jane", I don't think it would be right to use her real name... Let me just begin by saying that "Jane" is a bit strange... she is just one of those socially awkward, alright... I'll say it, she is a freaking weird child!! As I'm greeting my students and say good morning to her, she looks up at me. She had shaved her eyebrows off and drew them in with a black sharpie marker. And it wasn't just a small line, she drew a THICK line from one corner of her eye to the other!! NO EXAGGERATION!! She looked like a deformed raccoon!! I had all I could do not to laugh... well, my laughter was stifled for only a few seconds, because then the P.E. teacher came in and just lost it!! "Jane" said she did it because it looked "cool"!!! Yep, she liked it!! I laughed so hard I had tears flowing and I think I may have even wet my pants a little!! My students were roaring along with me... yeah I know, way to set a good example!! Well, the P.E. teacher took her into the bathroom and scrubbed her "brows" off, and she returned to my class with no brows!! I proceeded to lecture then on the importance "less is more"... and I told my girls, if they need advice with makeup, please come talk to me! Oh I just about died of laughter that day!!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Gotta love the fall!

Carson loves to "sit by self". This is his new obsession... I'm not kidding! We walk by a bench, and if he sees it, he has to sit in it! It's turning into a slight problem because if we don't let him sit, he throws a mini tantrum... (I finally gave in this time, and look how excited he is! I'm such a bad parent... I need to work on not giving in!)

This past week I had October Break!! YEAH!! Which means no teaching for exactly 10 days... (yes, I'm including the weekends) So my mom, Carson and I took a little trip back to my hometown of Branford, Connecticut, to visit my grandparents and let Carson spend sometime with his great grandparents! It was SO COLD THERE!! The high was in the 50's during the day and it got down to the high 30's at night!! It was a welcome change from Arizona's heat! It truly felt like the fall!! I really miss having four seasons. Anyway, we stayed with my grandparents for the week. My Papa is almost 90 and my Nanie is almost 89! YES, that is OLD! They have been married for 66 years!! HOW AMAZING IS THAT?!? Carson was the light of their lives! He was such a good boy the whole time! He and great-grand-papa instantly bonded! He loved Papa. It melted my heart! It was so cute to watch my grandfather interact with him. For being almost 90 he was picking Carson up and running (well, walking briskly) with him. My Nanie on the other hand has Alzheimers Disease and forgot that Carson was in fact my child. She really thought he was my little brother and belonged to my mom... it was sad. She kept asking, "Now how is he related to me?" Nevertheless, she just adored him... We went to this place that I used to love going to when I was growing up called Bishop's Orchard's. They had a lovely pumpkin patch and a hay maze. CARSON WAS IN HEAVEN!! He loved the pumpkins and the whole time we were there he just ran, ran, ran!!
Every pumpkin he would get near he tried to pick it up! It was so adorable, because he was literally grunting and straining to lift them!!

Carson loves trucks and tractors! He again had to "sit by self tracker"... he just said it over and over again. We spent at least 20 mins on the darn thing! =-)

Look at these beautiful mums... I love these flowers in the fall!

On the hunt for more pumpkins to pick up!

Carson in a sea of pumpkin!

Carson and mommy! I just love my little boy!!

At the airport coming home! We had a 3 hour layover in Baltimore.... I could've died!! We were in Maryland for so long! Carson was getting so silly at the restaurant. He wanted to feed himself, and I couldn't break him away from his fork!

Look at this precious little man! He konked out just before we got on the plane. I love watching my baby sleep, he just looks so sweet and innocent! We really had a fun trip.