Thursday, July 17, 2008

Ready for a learner's permit?

This was seriously the best investment!! Carson absolutely adores his car! Everyday he asks for "ride car". He points at it and grunts until he gets his way. We go at least twice a day around our neighborhood. He honks his little horn and waves at all the neighbors. It's too cute! Our driveway has a slope in it and we'll put him at the top and let him "drive" down to the bottom. Somehow this never gets old to him. He always asks for Rod's scooter helmet or "hat" so we thought we'd put it on him. Funny thing is... it's not really that big on his head! Last time we went to the doctor, she measured his head and it was off the charts! HA HA....must mean he's going to be a smart kid!

Everyday my child somehow manages to get stuck under the kitchen chair. He gets so frustrated because he has no clue how to get out. I know it's mean but I always laugh hysterically at him. How can you not laugh... look at that face!! (p.s. I only leave him there for a second, I'm not that bad of a mom!)

Does anyone else struggle to get their kids dressed? I swear it's an enormous project to take clothes off and on. Sometimes I just leave his p.j.'s on until the afternoon!! Or sometimes he's only sporting a diaper...that is until we go somewhere! I think Carson left his p.j. top like this for about an hour.. I think he forgot it was there!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

A Year in the life....

Happy Birthday little man...

How is it possible that my little Carson John Walker is a year old? Where the heck did the year go? I swear I was just pregnant and dying for him to come out, and now he's already been here for a year!?! It's so scary!! I feel like my little peanut is getting so big so fast!! I just adore him. My whole world has changed since he has come along. I can't believe how much motherhood changes you. You go from being this selfish person... and bam... EVERYTHING you do, everything, revolves around your child. It sure changed me. I really wouldn't trade it for the world. We had a lot of fun for Carson's birthday. We actually had two parties for him. The Saturday before his birthday we had a BBQ with all of Rod's classmates. We had like 30 people over at our house and I made a Lego cake! It turned out pretty cute, Rod even helped me frost one of the Lego's... it was pretty funny watching him with the frosting. His hands are so big, lets just say it was awkward!! Then on Carson's actual b-day, June 26th, we had a bunch of our friends from church over, and all of their kids... that ended up being like 20 people. I did cupcakes with a beachy theme, they turned out way cute. Carson was so funny both times with the whole eating the cake thing, he just didn't know what to do with it! I've really been a stickler with NO SWEETS before a year, so sweet to him must have been weird! At first he put it in his mouth and made a face, then he kept putting his hands in it and handing it to me. I was dying. If I can figure out how to upload videos, I will for sure put it in! Carson's most favorite gift was his Elmo chair. HE IS OBSESSED WITH ELMO!! Our friend's Elizabeth, Beau, and Buddy gave it to him and he squealed with delight when he saw it!! He just kept saying MEL-MO!! MEL-MO!!! He loves his MEL-MO... it is so precious how he says it!! AHH... Happy Birthday my little guy, WE LOVE YOU TO PIECES!!!