Monday, September 29, 2008

My big boy...

Our last frolic at the beach, "My little surfer"

So Carson is already 15 months old! Not too sure how it happened... He is getting so big and I just love him so much. I really didn't think I could love this kid as much as I do, but I do! He has such a little personality! He says EVERYTHING!! He makes little sentences and strings words and phrases together. And not only does he make sense, but he completely understands what he is saying. For instance, he tells me "Momma go (out)side, pool, swimmin, suit" He strings all those words together, and knows exactly what he is saying!! It's amazing. And he always says, Momma, kiss... after he kisses me, he says "wove you"... oh, melts my heart! Yesterday at church was the cutest, someone sneezed in Sunday School and he looked up and said without any prompting, "Bleess Youuu"!! Everyone started giggling around us, because it was so unexpected. It's amazing what kids pick up on! They hear and see everything!! It makes me really want to be a good example. It also makes me realize that we have to constantly watch what we say and do around him!

Look at this mischievous grin!

Monday, September 22, 2008

Oh how the time flies....

Where did the last two months go? Let me just give you all a run down of our crazy life so far! The last week of July, Carson and I moved from Florida, back to Arizona. It was a crazy couple of weeks before the move. We had to pack up the whole house and get as much of it into our storage unit as possible. I had to be back in AZ, because while Rod completes two internships out in Scottsdale, I'm teaching 7th grade Reading and Writing. I'm back in Tempe, working at the middle school I used to work at, same job, position, and even back in the same room! It worked out perfect actually. Anyway, teachers had to report back to work the last week of July, and I've been back at full-time work ever since. As soon as Rod finished finals at the end of August, he made the lovely, quick, little journey across country. We are all living with my family, which is awesome for us, because it's free, and allows us to save up a lot while I work. Not to mention my darling mother watches Carson for me while I work all day! However, it's so hard to move back and go from small family of 3, to family of 6! HA HA... good thing it's temporary. We'll be in Arizona until after Christmas and then we head back to Florida to live in a beach house for four months!!! We've been having so much fun but boy have we been busy!